6 Motivating Things to Remember When Feeling Down

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6 motivating things to remember, when feeling down and tired

Everyone has their ups and downs in life, right? At times everyone one of us is feeling down and helpless, tired of trying and not seeing any results. But the results will come, all you have to do is stay persistent. Every time you are feeling down, remember these magnificent quotes to keep you going!

Failure will always be more admirable than sitting unscathed on the sidelines.

Did you fail to do something recently, felt embarrassed and want to hide from the whole world? Congratulations to you! You did something. You tried something new. Do you think all the millionaires in the world succeeded at their first attempt? Of course not! They failed more times than you can imagine. How did they succeed? By failing. Failure is the best way to learn. Only one who doesn’t fail, is the one who doesn’t try. And if someone laughed at you, do not worry. Those kind of people usually are the ones who are so insecure about themselves, they never attempt to try anything just to not look like fools. But they usually are the fools. They laugh because they are scared and jealous. Scared to try anything themselves and jealous because you tried what they never could. Jealous because you might succeed and make them feel bad about themselves. Ignore these kind of people. Intelligent people who know that failure leads to success, won’t laugh, but will try to help, appreciate the effort and give some advice. So do no be afraid to try and do not give up. Ignore the jealous people who are too scared to take a leap of faith and reach for the stars. As Confucius has said: “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”.

Being intimidated by something new is always better than being bored.

Are you not satisfied with your dull life and everyday routine? Is it because you afraid to try anything new? That is how every person in the world feels, when taking on a new challenge. Difference between people who succeed and people who fail? Courage. Courage is not something you are born with. Courage is molded by your experiences. Do not shy away from new challenges. Just do it. If you fail, remember the first quote. The more you try, the more you will understand, things are not that bad after all. And your courage will grow with every new experience. Just keep pushing.

If the thing I am currently chasing after was easy to achieve, everybody would do it and it wouldn’t be special.

Every ambitious person in the world should remember this. To achieve success and happiness, there will be a time when you must pour your heart and soul into what you are doing. You must sacrifice your time and energy now, to reap the benefits later. People who live average lives and wonder, what would have happened if only… are the ones who gave up. Never give up. Either you persist and reach success in life or die trying. You would probably enjoy the journey to success much more than working a job you hate for a company you do not care about anyways.

The regret from not doing what you love will follow you forever.

You do not want to end up at some point your life, thinking you could have done more. Achieved more. And then you will remember the moments when you took the safe route and went with the masses. You will always wonder, what if… What if you had went to study arts, instead of you parents told you? What if you had started that business about the thing you are passionate about. Do not fill yourself with regret. Do, Fail, Learn, Do, Fail, Learn… SUCCEED! Each experience will award you with the knowledge how to reach your goals. “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” - Thomas Edison

No one can go back and make a new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

You tried and you failed. You learned something. Do not think about what you could have done differently and be filled with regret. Start now, start where you are. Use that experience and start over, no matter what it is. Be a better person from right this moment. Make the right decisions. You have experience to guide you now.

Being lost is okay.

It okay to have that feeling of being lost in life. Everyone has that moment in life. One thing you must remember - do not get comfortable with it. Do everything in your power to not accept it as a norm. If you are too scared to try, read how dropping out of college and being persistent led me to a place where I belong. Feeling lost doesn’t mean you are doomed. It means something better is waiting for you, you only have to find it. It is a great time to explore opportunities that you are interested in. Time to try new things. Rekindle that curiosity you had as a child about new things you discover along your journey of life. Learn new things, improve yourself. Try something you always wanted to do. Reconnect with yourself. Sooner or later, you will find a place you belong.

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