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Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is bad. But you probably already knew that. Why are you here then? To finally stop comparing yourself to others. But how do you do that?

6 Motivating Things to Remember When Feeling Down

6 motivating things to remember, when feeling down and tired Everyone has their ups and downs in life, right? At times everyone one of us is feeling down and helpless, tired of trying and not seeing any results.

Improving yourself, being more productive and achieving success

We all want to find that key to success, right? Right, but did you know, that this “key” has always been right before your nose? If you do not wish to live a dull life, stuck in a place you do not want to be, then it is about time to start taking action.

How to Master a Skill

This article is going to give you advice necessary to master any skill. If you are here, it means you have a field that you are passionate about and want to be at the very top of that field, right?

How to Learn Calculus

So you are in the same boat as I were not so long ago, asking yourself - why am I failing calculus? Man, failing calculus sucks, I should know, trust me.

Dropping Out Of College

Demand for highly educated people keeps growing and won’t be plummeting anytime soon, everyone is pressured by peers and family to pursue a degree and get a well paid job after… In times during college, when you are struggling, you might ask yourself - Is college for me?